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Introducing J.A.N.U.S.

"JANUS" is a cooperative horror game that takes place in an abandoned space freighter. Player one assumes the role of JANUS, the ship's AI system. Player two takes on the role of a space marine who was on a routine mission when they received an SOS signal from the ship. As the only ship close enough to respond, they investigate the situation.

Together, the players must navigate through the ship and survive against the various horrors that have taken over. The space marine relies on weapons and combat skills, while JANUS uses their knowledge of the ship's systems to help guide the marine through the ship's layout and access useful tools to assist in the fight against the horrors.

The game's tension builds as the players progress through the ship and encounter new, more challenging enemies. The atmosphere is dark and eerie, creating a sense of dread and urgency as the players work together to survive. With its cooperative gameplay and spine-tingling horror, "JANUS" is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats.

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